Monday, 31 March 2014

Malik Sher Amin Cricket Bat

Value for money is the first thing came in the mind if you going to buy this bat,
Malik Sher Amin Bat
 it has a character for being good yet cheap and used by most devastating limited overs player name Shahid Afridi for ages not any more though. 

Nonetheless,  its ideal for club level players available both in single piece of wood and laminated blade.

   Thick Edges
   Big Profile
   Perfect balance and thick edges
   8 piece cane handle

Freebies: Full bat cover and bat protector

If you are interested to purchase 1+ in quantity you can get special discount feel free to drop an email

Buy now:

Edges Size: 37 to 38 mm for single piece and 45 mm for laminated blade

Grip Color: Red and Black

RRP: 149.99 Our Price: £109 + £15 for world wide shipping

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